Transforming Insurance Operations with AI, Data, and Automation

Live Webinar Series
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1045 - 1115 BST

Wednesday 26th April

With thanks to our expert panellists:

Paolo Cuomo
Paolo Cuomo
Executive Director, Strategic Advisory
Gallagher Re
Mani H WTW
Mani Heer
Head of Data Science UK
Willis Towers Watson
Russell Harrison
Russell Harrison
Divisional Head
Markerstudy Insurance
Mark Johnstone
Mark Johnstone

Questions covered included:

- How can AI, data, and automation improve efficiency and accuracy in insurance?

- What are the potential risks of using AI and machine learning in insurance, and how can companies balance these with the benefits?

- How can insurance companies leverage data analytics to better understand customer behavior and preferences?

- How can AI and machine learning be used to streamline the underwriting process and provide more accurate risk assessments?

- How can AI and machine learning be used to detect and prevent fraud in insurance claims?

- How can insurance companies make sure that their AI models are transparent, explainable, and bias-free?

- How can insurance companies prepare for the future of the industry with the integration of AI and machine learning?

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