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Digital Transformation
In the face of intense pressure from new entrants, traditional insurers are battling legacy systems, scalability issues, and heightened customer expectations. Very few would disagree that digital transformation will remain a priority in the coming years, but keeping up with the pace of change and developing clear digital roadmaps is now essential.
AI, Data &
Deep-dive into the world of artificial intelligence. Explore how Insurers are utilising revolutionary tech, maximising data and automating processes. In an AI-powered world, the opportunities are endless, but can Insurers capitalise?
Customer Experience & Personalisation
In a world dominated by Netflix, Amazon, Google and other tech giants, the experiences offered to customers are crucial. For Insurers, developing a seamless digital journey, an omnichannel approach, and a personalised experience is almost non-negotiable in this key competitive battleground.
ESG & Sustainability
ESG has been promoted to the top of the strategic agenda for insurers. From helping clients manage increasing climate related risks, to internal commitments to contribute in a positive way. Whilst the challenges are plentiful, there are genuine business and economic opportunities available to those who get their ESG strategies right.
Digital Culture & Future of Work
There’s more to digital transformation than technology. This year we’re shifting the focus from the tech to the people, exploring the working cultures that makes sense in today's world and the changing role of HR in Insurance
InsurTech & Partnerships
InsurTech has altered the status quo and continues to drive disruption across the sector. But how is the InsurTech landscape maturing? How are the incumbents reacting? And how are InsurTech partnerships with traditional players working in practice?
Cloud Native IT & Networks
No longer consigned to dark basements, insurers are relying ever more heavily on their IT departments to offer their customers a modern and secure journey. But how is Cloud technology impacting the sector? And How can network infrastructure be improved?
Engineering & Product Development
Engineers play an essential role in the digital transformation of the insurance sector, and many are exploring a DevOps model to accelerate innovation. Explore leading strategies the world’s top insurers are adopting to fast-track development, remain agile, and offer new and exciting services
Open & Embedded Insurance
As the open banking movement consolidates, we are looking at the impact this is having on the insurance sector. How are API projects developing? And do new embedded insurance approaches represent a threat or opportunity for traditional insurers?
Web3 - Blockchain & the Metaverse
If you can sift successfully through the hype and speculation, the Web3 economy, currently under-insured, could hold huge potential for growth. But how can insurers capitalise, how could these emerging trends shape the market, and can blockchain be utilised internally to streamline processes?
Cyber Security
Maintaining a robust cyber security strategy has always been a priority for insurers, but in today's digital world, the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. ITS 23 will share the latest strategies to utilise technology and develop a holistic cyber security approach