The Next Step in Your Insurance Transformation Journey

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Theatre 1

Insurance Transformation

The insurance sector is in the midst of massive digital disruption. This theatre will explore how the role of Insurers are changing, how they are adapting to an increasingly digital market, and what strategies can be adopted internally and externally to not only meet the challenges, but continue to thrive in a fast-paced, digital-first landscape. Leading voices share their predictions for insurers of the future and discuss the key challenges facing the sector.
Keynote Panel
Exploring the Insurance Provider of 2030
  • What do modern customers expect from their insurer and how is that changing?
  • Which technologies are set to have the greatest impact on the insurance landscape over the next 5-10 years?
  • How is an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world impacting insurance approaches?
  • Will customer data be the main driver for transformation across the insurance sector?
  • 2030 Predictions: What will the insurance sector look like?

Bob James, Market Transformation Director, Lloyds

Mandy Hunt, Chief Underwriting Officer, RSA Insurance

Todd Zino, Chief Product & Technology Officer, ByMiles

Nimol Rajkumar, Chief Risk Officer, Retail Division, Legal & General

Max Richter, Managing Director - General Insurance Sector Lead, Accenture

Keynote Presentation
Digital Culture: Enabling and Empowering a Future Ready Workforce

Graham Gibson, Chief Claims Officer, Allianz UK

Fireside Chat
Big Data, Big Opportunities: How Data and AI are Continuing to Drive Disruption across Insurance
Panel Discussion
Going Digital: Transformation for Traditional Insurers
  • What does a digital roadmap look like for a major Insurer?
  • Should the focus of transformation be on technology, data, or people?
  • How much of a challenge are legacy systems and can that hurdle be overcome?
  • How to maximise ROI on tech investment and where to prioritise spend?
  • What’s the right balance to strike between automation and human interaction?

Roy Jubraj, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Esure

Tanju Arslan, Global CIO, Bupa

James Wright, Head of Technology - Beazley Digital, Beazley

Catherine Barton, Chief Insurance Officer, Zego

Shân Millie, Co-Founder, Innovation & Customer Lead, GreenKite

Workshop Presentation
Reshaping the Future: A Post-Pandemic Insurance Landscape
Fireside Chat
Transport Transformation: How Insurers are Reacting to Urban Mobility Trends
Panel Discussion
Personalisation and Automation across the Insurance Landscape
  • What are the benefits of hyper-personalization for both the insurer and the customer?
  • Do insurers need to redefine their relationship with data to increase personalisation and automation?
  • How is automation being used to optimise the claims process?
  • Can connected insurance lead to better engagement with customers?
  • What are the barriers preventing increased personalization and automation across the sector?

Rachel Harrison-Smith, Group Chief Enterprise Data Architect, Bupa

Alexander Lay, Chief Executive Officer, Munich Re Specialty Insurance (UK) Limited

Victoria Sutton, Associate Director - Claims Operations, Aston Lark

Anthony Anderson, Chief Product Officer, Superscript

Luca Russignan, Director, Insurance Intelligence, Capgemini

Workshop Presentation
Driving Insurance Growth, Agility and Resilience with Core System Modernisation
Fireside Chat
Prioritising Cyber Resilience in the Face of Constantly Evolving Digital Threats
Panel Discussion
Predicting the Unpredictable: Risk Reduction in a Digital Era
  • How has the risk landscape changed over the past few years and what does the future hold?
  • How is AI and other emerging tech being implemented to mitigate risk?
  • Is predictive analytics being under-used by the insurance industry?
  • How is the role of insurers changing in an increasingly volatile world?
  • What more does AI have to give? Are we just getting started?

Tom Clay, Chief Data Scientist, Covea

Ann McManus, Head of Data Protection & Privacy, Lloyd’s

Lorna Feeney, Head of Mental Health Risk, Marsh Risk Consultancy, Marsh & McLennan Companies