What They Say

Hear from some of our partners and speakers on how we did in 2022

"Great event, I love it! Came here earlier this year ... good to see people face to face, some really good sessions"

Mail Metrics

"We found the event very useful, the attendance is good, the organisation’s very well done, great content..."


"I find very interesting the mix of established insurers, insurtech and other parts of the insurance ecosystem"

"I love the event, I love the energy, there’s lots of people… it’s full."


"The event is amazing, we’ve met some very interesting people, and the food was great"

"I think it’s been incredibly well organised. It’s been great to see a bunch of different companies from legacy players, insurtechs and people from adjacent industries as well."

"So it’s got a nice buzz, everything was organised quite well. It’s still a bit to go, but so far so good!"

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"What I really enjoy is the way it’s set up, the intimacy, having great stakeholders, a good level of information exchange"

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"The event’s really good. Loads of us presenting here, we’ve got a stand here as well."